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PRESS_2010-05_USweekly-mag-article_180x501When you’re going to be on camera, you’ve got a responsibility to look good,” the Back-Up Plan star says of ditching break and sugar to slim down for the film. Jennifer Lopez, a self-described “portion-control person,” shed 50 pounds of baby weight with meal delivery service Freshology, and still follows the plan.

“Getting back into shape after the twins was challenging,” admits the 5-foot-5 star, who lost the baby weight over the course of a bout a year – and kept getting fitter. She grinds out 60-minute workouts up to four days a week with her pro Gunnar Peterson. Her plan:
Cardio A devout runner, Lopez also boxes and hits the Stair-Master. But she really kicks her calorie-blasting up a notch by doing lateral side shuffles and squats walking backward – all on a treadmill on an incline!
Strength training “We do a million variations of lunges and squats,” Peterson says. And the secret to her flat abs: three sets of up to 100 bicycle crunches.