Gourmet Gluten-Free Delivered to your DoorstepFROM $49.95/DAY: BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER & DESSERTLearn More

Gourmet Gluten-Free Delivered to your Doorstep

From 49.95/Day: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert

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Freshology Does Gluten-Free Differently

Living gluten-free can be challenging when you want to eat healthy and have quality time for your life.  

We’ve designed our meal delivery service for gluten intolerant and gluten sensitive customers* to take the guess work out of finding delicious, nutritionally balanced meals.  

Whether you want to avoid discomforts caused by gluten, lead a healthier, more vibrant life, or drop some weight through calorie controlled meals, your customized gluten-free meal plan will answer your nutritional needs.

How did we design our gluten-free experience for you?

  • Our 28-day menu of unique flavor combinations, was created with foodies in mind– take a sneak peek at your customizable gluten-free delivery menu.
  • We were picky about choosing our gluten-free flour, which includes delicious blends of  quinoa, rice, and potato from eco-responsible food vendors.
  • Crafted by both a chef and a nutritionist, the menu is composed of balanced meals that follow nutritional guidelines.
  • We strive to maintain low sugar and salt content by replacing them with bold vegetables and natural fruits to bring forward the rich flavors of your food.

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How it Works


Place Your Order

Click the ‘Order Now’ button, complete the short order form, or call (877) 893-7374 and choose your start date. Need a customized menu or a delivery schedule that best fits your lifestyle? We’re easy like that.


Receive Your Meals

You will receive a temperature controlled cooler from our delivery crew overnight by 6 a.m. Stay tuned to your inbox for an e-mail confirmation.

Your first shipment can go out as soon as a week after placing your order, or whenever is convenient for you. Stay tuned to your inbox for an email confirmation and FedEx tracking number.


Eat + Enjoy

Place your meal on your favorite plate and you’ll be eating like a gluten-free queen or king.

helpNeed Help? Personal consultants are available 6 days a week in case you have questions, want to pause your program OR simply tell us how much you love it. The number to call is: (877) 893-7374.

Our Freshology delivery crew has to know where you're located to determine how they will deliver food to your door.

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Gluten-Free Sample Menu

  • PB + J Pancakes

    Peanut butter and jelly pancakes topped with forest berry compote paired with chicken sausage. Who doesn’t love a little PB+J?

  • Mushroom + Asparagus Pizza

    Mushroom + asparagus pizza that will transport you straight to Naples.

  • Savory Snacks

    Keep up your energy with delicious snacks, including seasonal fruit, vegetables and savory delights.

  • Italian Dinner

    Hearty quinoa pasta bowl with homemade turkey meatballs and sweet tomato ragu. Mangia! Mangia!

  • Decadent Desserts

    Who said gluten-free meant skipping dessert? A few signature desserts include: red beet and bittersweet chocolate cupcake, red velvet cupcake, and carrot cake cupcake (everyone’s favorite).






*Available with male portions only.
Click Here to view a Three-Day sample menu >

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About Freshology

As the nation’s premier home delivery meal service, Freshology provides health-conscious consumers throughout the U.S. with delicious, calorie controlled meals. Ours began as a Southern California-based business that grew through client word-of-mouth and celebrity testimonials. Today, we serve over a million meals each year, and our focus goes well beyond weight loss. We ensure every person has a customizable nutrition program to address their needs – from the gourmet foodie who doesn’t have time to cook, to athletes looking to maintain a specific calorie count. Our focus is always to provide convenience through gourmet food.

We recognize that Freshology is an investment in your health and we aim to exceed your expectations. Our gluten-free meals are created using only premium ingredients:

  • All-natural proteins, free of added antibiotics and hormones
  • Responsibly and sustainably caught seafood
  • Top quality seasonal produce
  • Sourced from local farms

When crafting menus, we consider a meal’s flavor and its overall nutritional profile to create a daily, balanced plan. Our pricing reflects both the premium ingredients and the care that our culinary team takes in planning and preparing your meals.

About Chef Raffi


As one of the most highly-regarded chefs to emerge from the Los Angeles culinary scene over the last decade, Raffi Asadourian brings a combination of rigorous training and an impeccable palate to designing your gluten-free home delivered meals.

Along with being Culinary Director of Freshology, he is an avid tennis player and enjoys spending time with family. Chef Raffi believes in Julia Child’s philosophy that: “Cooking is like love; it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”

-Raffi Asadourian
Culinary Director

Kind Words About our Program

  • "They do offer regular meal delivery programs, but have designated gluten-free equipment, areas in the kitchen for the gluten-free product, and even designated gluten-free staff. That makes me feel much more confident in their ability to prevent cross contamination. That means you can eat all the delicious cupcakes you want without fear of feeling sick later on. Well, unless you eat all at once. Which I have to remind myself not to do!"

    Gluten Free Best Friends

    Gluten-Free Blogger

  • "I love when I can get the Freshology Gluten-Free meals because it’s hard to get the quality that Freshology delivers with great taste without having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The convenience of receiving these meals makes my life easier and I know I will enjoy the meals without giving up flavor."

    Susan B.

    Freshology Gluten-Free Client

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