Mel B – What’s Your Freshology?

September 20, 2010

Mel B

What’s Your Freshology?

Everyone has their opinion of me; I am the zany one, loud one, the one who speaks off-the-cuff, and the list goes on. The truth is, they’re right.

I am high-energy, I’m always on-the-go, I do have an opinion and I enjoy making the most of every day. My family, my TV career and my music are all very important to me, and although it may appear to those on the outside that I’m an expert multi-tasker, I definitely need a little me time every now and then. And believe me, the time I carve out just for myself isn’t always glamorous.

Typically my alone time is mostly spent working out in our home gym. I put my headphones on, turn the music way up, get in the zone and get down to business. I block out everything else around me, and use that hour or so to reduce stress, increase my heart rate, sweat out toxins and burn calories. Health has always been important to me, so when I’m being active and eating healthy, my mind and body are in a good place and I feel I can take on the world (or at least that day’s tasks) with ease.

Helping others is also very important to me - and something I’ve always been passionate about. I recently teamed up with my favorite home meal delivery company, Freshology, to raise money for a cause very near to my heart. The mission of the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank is to reduce hunger in the Los Angeles Area. Did you know that over 400,000 children in the area face hunger? I am partnering with the Foodbank to mobilize resources to fight hunger in the community with the goal that we can say no child in Los Angeles is hungry anymore.

I’ve been a client of Freshology’s for over two years not only because they’re food is five-star caliber and all-natural, but also because they support causes I’m passionate about. I’m excited to team with them to take on The Fight Against Hunger, and encourage others to join us in this important mission.


Mel B is a fan of Freshology’s FRESHDINING Program.