Fitness 101 – The Fall Body Blast

September 20, 2010

Fitness 101 – The Fall Body Blast

With Function 360 Fitness & Brian Shiers

It’s September.  School starts up.  Those half-day Fridays are over.  It’s back to a busy schedule.  And the first thing that suffers: your workouts, of course.  In order to make sure you’re not last on the list, I’ve created a Body Blast workout you can do anywhere in only 15 minutes that will guarantee you a maximum metabolism boost and quick firming results.


The Core

  • The 3-Stage Crunch is amazing because not only does it hit both ends of the abdominal muscles, but it gets harder at each stage…no punkin’ around here!
  • Perform 30 reps of each of three stages: crunches, reverse crunches, and alternating crunch / reverse crunches. Ouch!  Then move on to:

Chest / Shoulders / Arms

  • Plyometric push-ups are SO MUCH more effective than regular push-ups!  But you should be able to do 20 push-ups on your knees in good form before you try this.
  • Begin in standard knee push-up position, drop into the bottom portion, then explode up into the top portion quickly enough so that you can float up and change your hand position to a wide grip.  Immediately return to the bottom, then explode back up and return the float to the standard grip. The motion should feel like you’re jumping rope: continuous reps with a bounce at the bottom.  Be sure to plank your core and torso for stability.
  • Repeat for 10-20 reps.   Now rush it to:

Legs & Booty

  • I call these the Widow Makers.  Why?  Because most guys can’t stand afterwards!  But ladies, take advantage: this combo will grind your tush in ways no other exercise combo can!
  • Begin in a split lunge position with your rear foot on a chair or bench.  Drop down into a lunge and repeat for 10-20 reps.
  • Immediately tip over and level your torso to perform 10-20 Stork Lunges, bending at both the hip and knee, imagining that you’re trying to sit your tush on your heel.  Keep something nearby to grab onto at the end so you don’t wind up on the floor!

This circuit will crank up the fat burning and truly sculpt your core, torso, and lower body better than 90% of most body weight exercises.  Do them today.  After all, Kandy Korn is only 6 weeks away…

Get a better feel for the exercises. Enjoy the following video :

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