Talking to Stephanie Anderson From Hit TV “The Biggest Loser”

September 19, 2010

Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson of Hit TV Show “The Biggest Loser” discusses Transformation, Balance, Weight Loss, and Believing in Yourself

What were the most significant parts of your Transformation?
Obviously going through any weight loss program you will see the physical results – for me it was shedding 99 pounds.  However at home, or on the BL ranch, or a part of any other fitness program, I realized the most significant part of my transformation was mental and emotional.  I’ve lost weight before, and always gained it back.  I believe I have a better chance of keeping these pounds off this time around because I dealt with my emotional barriers and mental triggers that caused me to go to food. I work through obstacles now instead of brushing them under the rug so to speak.

Where did her motivation to change come from?
I’ve been up and down with my weight since the age of 10 .  But never had I been this far in the hole of being unhappy and unhealthy!  I was at my heaviest ever in early 2009 at 278 pounds and realized that I needed to take that first step NOW, there was no waiting for tomorrow.  I auditioned for season 8 of The Biggest Loser and was not cast for the singles season. I started to lose weight on my own and as difficult as that first step, I slowly started to see results and knew I could and would do it.  Next thing I know I was cast with my Mom for season 9 – and if I already didn’t believe everything happens for a reason, I do now!  I got to share this experience with my Mom and meet my current love, gray team contestant Sam Poueu.

What were your greatest struggles?
Balance by far is my biggest struggle.  In fact, I struggle on a daily basis even now post Biggest Loser.  But things do get easier.  Looking back I lied to myself, was in total denial.  I am a successful professional in a high pressure sales job and thought the more success I had in my career, the happier I would become. Instead I put all focus in work and let my personal life go by gaining 80 lbs in 5 years!  That’s not balance nor a quality life.  Post Biggest Loser I’m back at my job but make the time for me- I’m just as important as my most important clients.

What kept you going to see your ultimate vision of yourself to completion?
Knowing that I am worth it.  :)

What advice can you provide to any person who has a goal or a dream they aspire to? Take that first step and believe in yourself.  We are capable of so much more than we realize and once we open ourselves up to the possibilities…nothing but good will come!  I’m proof :)

And what things bring her Joy – AKA what is her Freshology? My family.  My friends.  My doggie Jersey – she’s such a joy! My boyfriend/best friend Sam.  My life.  My health. My happiness.  All things I envisioned for myself that have now come to reality.

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