Shari Belafonte’ – What’s Your Freshology?

February 10, 2010
Shari Belafonte

Shari Belafonte

Shari Belafonte’ ,
What’s Your Freshology?

That’s a tough question… I would think that “Keeping as young as I want to” would be the answer.  But, keeping young means many different things to many different people. For instance, some (maybe most) would think it means Exercising; Drinking plenty of water; Cutting out fats; Getting 8 hours of sleep at night… OK, so, that’s not my agenda.

For me, it’s not being afraid to try new things and go on new adventures.  To enjoy all types of music from Heavy Metal to Hip Hop to House to Classical to 40’s, 50’s, 60’s through the sounds of 2010 and beyond.  To keep moving (no matter how stiff) to each of those beats.  To not have to wear heels anymore, unless I really, really, I mean REALLY want to.  To sleep when I finally get tired and that can mean for a couple of hours with my pups on the floor in the kitchen.  To make sure there’s always a chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot in my fridge even though I may only be able to afford peanut butter and hot dogs. Most important for me is to laugh at something each day, and to make sure I still know how to cry at least once a month.

You know I ADORE! ADORE! ADORE! Freshology Meals.   It’s like a tiny Christmas, every time I go to my outdoor locker. “What has Freshie Claus sent me today?”   While I’m certainly not exercising like I used to, I at least get to know that part of my life is healthy.  The part that’s going in my gullet!  Plus, I’ve been introduced to new, tasty, healthy foods.  Can you say QUINOA?  Love that stuff!


Shari is a fan of Freshology’s FRESHDINING Program.