Why Wait Until Valentines Day? Let Your Colors Of Love Shine Now!

February 9, 2010
Colors of Love

Colors of Love

Actions are known to speak volumes, and ones true colors can be found in the way that they act.

Its proven that good communication leads to healthier relationships in life, therefore increasing happiness!

Freshology has put together a list of positive actions that can be incorporated into your life everyday as a way to show someone you love them.

Want More Happy?

Try adding some of these to your daily routine…

Slow Down & Embrace The Present Moment

Be A Good Listener & Give Your Full Attention When Talking

Experience & Explore New Ground Together

Talk About Your Day During Mealtimes

Read books aloud to each other

Recall Good Time & Relish In Them

Encourage New Adventures

Inspire Good Health By Being An Example For Those You Love

Find Your Inner Child & Act Silly Together

Show Enthusiasm And Support For Each Other

Give Praise To Those You Love & Accept Praise From Those Who Love You

Last but not least, Smooch Your Way To Health & Happiness – According to sex expert Trina Read, Ph.D “Kissing releases oxytocin in both men and women, which helps couples feel closer and more intimate,” “This brain chemical decreases corticosterone and other stress hormones, and also helps lower blood pressure.” Dr. Read encourages couples to kiss regularly with “no sex-strings attached.”

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