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February 9, 2010
Brian Shiers Fitness Trainer

Brian Shiers Fitness Trainer

Brian Shiers, BA Kinesiology
Personal Training Director,
Toluca Lake Tennis Club & Sports Center

People in the fitness industry like to say, ‘The discipline achieved from working out can be applied to life.’ I like to take that further by saying working out is your life;  you bring everything to the gym with you.  All your ambition and laziness, optimism and doubt, self-image, genetics, upbringing – it’s all there, and it’s how you deal with yourself that determines the degree of your success.”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Shiers knew that in order to be competitive with other trainers he would have to dig deep into the heart of the science behind exercise, not just the form.  While most trainers get by with minimal credentials, Shiers rounded out his many certifications with an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, and has completed UCLA’s award-winning fitness instructor program.  Add to that his twenty-five years of intensive martial arts training with some of the world’s best-known instructors, and a vigorous practice of both sitting and moving meditation, it’s clear that, in Shiers’ world, East really does meet West.

Brian Shares His Secrets To Great Arms!
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As Personal Director for The Sports Center – a hot spot that’s been named one of the 10 Best Gym’s in LA by Los Angeles Magazine – Shiers has put celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris, Lauren Graham, Ellen Degeneres, Catherine Heigl, Mariska Hargitay, David Hyde Pierce, Jane Leeves, Peri Gilpin, Michael Feinstein, Blair Underwood, John Stamos, and Maria Bello through grueling workouts that center around a combination of functional training and kickboxing.

“To sculpt and mold muscle,” Shiers says, “ you have to incorporate both functional and core training.  It’s the martial arts program that changes everything for my clients.”  A huge calorie burn and a multi-dimensional skill are often what first attract people to Shiers’ program.  But in the end, it’s something of a finer quality. “People come away with a new understanding of how their bodies are related – from the foot to the hand, from the head to the heart; a whole new world can open up if you’re ready to take it on.  I think that’s what keeps people coming back year after year.”  Shiers may be currently seen on the Style Channel’s ‘Celebrity Diet and Fitness’.

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